Long Beach Wilson

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Moore League Championship 1978 t0 2008                         

 Wilson Long Beach 1978  Teresa Butler
 Wilson Long Beach 1979  Teresa Butler
 Wilson Long Beach 1980  Teresa Butler
 Wilson Long Beach 1981  Teresa Butler
 Wilson Long Beach 1982  Teresa Butler
 Wilson Long Beach 1983  Teresa Butler
 Wilson Long Beach 1988  Teresa Butler
 Wilson Long Beach 1989  Teresa Butler
 Wilson Long Beach 1993  Terry Kennedy
 Wilson Long Beach 1996  Terry Kennedy
 Wilson Long Beach 1996  Terry Kennedy
 Wilson Long Beach 2000  Terry Kennedy
 Wilson Long Beach 2005  Terry Kennedy
 Wilson Long Beach 2006  Terry Kennedy
 Wilson Long Beach 2008  Terry Kennedy


CIF Southern Section Championship          

 Wilson Long Beach 1996  Terry Kennedy
 Wilson Long Beach 1998  Terry Kennedy
 Wilson Long Beach 1999  Terry Kennedy
 Wilson Long Beach 2005  Terry Kennedy

California State Championship                                   


 Wilson  Long Beach 1996 43 Terry Kennedy
 Wilson  Long Beach 1998 42 Terry Kennedy
 Wilson  Long Beach 2006 41 Terry Kennedy


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